1. How has your journey as Tathacharya been so far on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama?Playing the role of Tathacharya has been an amazing experience so far and one of my most favourite roles too. The journey has been a really exciting and an amazing one. I have had loads of fun playing Tathacharya and didn’t realize how soon 2 years on this show have passed. So, every moment of the last two years with Tenali Rama has brought lots of good memories and learnings for me and I am looking forward to many more years of this show.2. The show is gearing towards a leap. What are your thoughts on that?Initially, we were all surprised on hearing that the show is going in for a leap. However, we were also happy and excited for this new phase. This major leap on Tenali Rama will bring a freshness, new energy and new excitement. Since there will be a new story as well, it almost feels like a new show and I think this is going to prove really good for the show.3. How is your character going to evolve? What changes can the audience expect?The evolved Tathacharya is going to leave the audience shocked. With the time leap, Tathacharya is going to get old, will be approximately 75 years old and surprisingly helpless. While he was earlier a negative character with lots of comic punches, he will no more be the same. Circumstances have led Tathacharya to be intense and have turned him into a positive character. There are a lot of unexpected and shocking things happening in Vijayanagar which have made him very emotional as well. Although there are going to be some major changes in the character of Tathcharya, I’m sure the audience will shower the same love to this new version on Tathacharya as they did to the earlier one.4. Any major changes that you had to undergo in terms of look or mannerisms for the leap?As Tathacharya has become old, a lot of changes have occurred in his look and entire get up. The costume has also been changed entirely. Since this newer Tathacharya is emotionally very different from the previous one, we have brought in some changes in the mannerisms too. In all ways, we are working really hard to give this character the depth it demands.5. How different is it shooting with the new cast? How has the experience been so far?Apart from 2-3 actors, the entire cast has changed. However, out of the new actors I have previously worked with some and share a good bond with them. Although we have just started shooting for the post leap phase, it has been an amazing experience getting to gel with the costars and we are all looking forward to a long journey together.6. How does it feel working for a show like Tenali Rama, especially after witnessing so much love from across India?It is and will always be a great feeling working for a show like Tenali Rama. I feel lucky to be playing such a rich character of Tathacharya and have always worked towards justifying it. This character had almost all the human emotions to be portrayed and I have been enjoying that thoroughly. It is so overwhelming to witness so much love and appreciation from the viewers including kids, youngsters and senior citizens too. I am grateful to be a part of this show and am looking forward to a rather exciting journey ahead.Catch Tathacharya in his new avatar only on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama, Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM