Dastaan E Miri Piri has been into controversies since quite a longtime now. Due to some reasons a few days back SGPC committee had put a stay on its release.And its release date is postponed. However, the people from all over the world are demandingits release.Recently, many kids in the UK including Sangat from Leicester, and from Vancouver andSurrey, Canada disagreed to the ban put on the release of the film. On the occasion of theShaheedi Diwas of the fifth guru of Sikh religion, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Chharampeerproductions and White Hill Studios earlier planned to release their animated film to dedicateto the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev Ji.As the name suggests Punjabi Film ‘Dastaan-E-Miri Piri’ will showcase the history of Miri Piri.Based on 1604, this film is dedicated to the martyrdom of fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev Ji and howSixth Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji wore two swords of Miri and Piri symbolizing both worldly(political) and spiritual authority to fight against the torments of the Mugal Empire.This animated film is directed by Vinod Lanjewar. The story is written by Gurjot SinghAhluwalia who has also assisted the director. Research is handled by Dr. I.S. Guguani. Thescreenplay is written by Sagar Kotikar and Sahni Singh. Music of the film is given by KuljitSingh.The background score is given by Anamik Chauhan. The animation is done at Brumha Studios.The whole project is produced by Major Singh Sandhu, Dilraj Singh Gill, Navdeep Kaur Gill.Noblepreet Singh, Balraj Singh, Manmohat Singh Marshal co-produced the film. Bollywoodactor Raza Murad has landed his background voice. Famous Bollywood singer Kailash Kher hasgiven voice to the title track of the movie. Two more singers, Ustad Rashid Khan and ShafqatAmanat Ali has also given their voice to other songs of the film.The worldwide distribution of the film is done by White Hill Studios. The new release date isyet to be finalized. However, ex-SGPC committee has submitted their decision to Akal TakhatSahib. And Akal Takhat Sahib’s decision will be final and will be followed.