Akshita Mudgal (Gayatri in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)The word ‘Raksha’ in Raksha Bandhan represents the beautiful bond and a promise between a brother and his sister to protect one another. It’s a celebration and a vow to be there for each other. I believe, my brother, Abhishek, is also an incarnation of my father. I vividly remember the times when we were kids and our entire family would gather at my Dadaji’s house and it used to be a grand celebration where all the sisters would form a line to tie their colorful rakhis to their brothers. It was an occasion I eagerly waited for as it was the day were all the cousins would huddle up and look forward to the gifts they would receive.My brother once even pulled a prank on me where he pretended that he couldn’t buy a gift for me on Raksha Bandhan. I was really upset as that is one of the most important days of the year for me. Later, he surprised me by gifting me a gorgeous handbag.Times have changed and with my hectic shoot schedule, as much as I want to recreate our childhood memories, it hasn’t been easy. Abhishek Bhaiya, my sister, Priyanka, and I make it a point to go out and spend time on this day. Priyanka and I are the closest and for my brother I am his go-to person whenever he wants to share his thoughts. This Raksha Bandhan, I only look forward to make some time for my brother and sister, so that we all go out and have a blast..