Isolation may have put us in a cage but gave us the wings of creativity to fly through our minds. We survive on hope for a better day and a normal life in these dark days. Hope is something which brings support to any helpless person, a new dream for survival. Over the ages, art has given direction to hope. Pracheen Kala Kendra, who has always supported the art and the artist in collaboration with Art Coterie which is a virtual space, founder and director Kanchan verma, along with co-founder and curator Hirdey kant and Manmeet kaur is organising second National online camp and exhibition foll byowing the success of International online art camp and exhibition. Bharvi Trivedi (Ahmedabad), Indu tripathy (New delhi) Kanchan verma (Chandigarh), Meghansh (Gurgaon),Preeti Mishra (Himachal), Renu Bala (Punjab), Santha K.V (Kerela), Shaym Sharma (Ghaziabad),  Sonam Jain (Delhi), and Surpal Singh Slathia (Jammu) are the 10 artists from different fields of visual art who will interpret their feelings towards the current scenario and raise optimistic hope through their  artworks. Camp is from 10.7.2020 to 20.07.2020  and exhibition will be on view from 20.07.2020 on artcoterie1 account on facebook, twitter as well as Instagram.