“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Protecting the environment is the duty of all the human beings. It is a right that we inherited from our ancestors and are bound to abide by dutifully.

Considering the same, RAC SILVERCITY MOHALI started a campaign by the name of CLEAN AND GREEN.

This followed the series of tags under #RefuseReduce from 27th to 31st August, 2020. It was a comprehensive campaigns which instilled a feeling of passion in the people of all the ages and proposed ways to nurture the environment. It motivated them to use DIY clothes, eat fresh food, make the best use of waste items, plant saplings and to go for organic products.

The list was inclusive and garnered a positive response. There is so much to life and nature that we are left spell-bound by its wonders. This campaign stirred the same emotion in the audience and hopes to substantially benefit the nature out of this.