Growing up, Raksha Bandhan has given me some beautiful memories. As a kid, the entire ritual used to be really organized. My mother used to decide what I will be gifting my sister and we used to get something my sister, Neha, wanted. Raksha Bandhan reminds me of my sister and our constant banter but now as she is married, we don’t get to spend every year together. I also have a really vivid memory of Raksha Bandhan from the school days. When I was in 6th or 7th standard, I remember I had my arm completely covered with Rakhis which was either because I was popular amongst my classmates or the girls saw a brother in me. I remember I was really proud that day.The years when Neha cannot visit us on Raksha Bandhan, she makes it a point to send me a Rakhi, which later my mother ties on my wrist. I am really thrilled to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year as my sister is visiting me in Mumbai and I can’t wait to recreate some old memories with her. I remember we used to fight a lot as kids and then later apologize and get along with the day together. She has supported me a lot through my career and life. I can trust her with anything without any hesitation. I may have rarely put this in words but she means a lot to me.I want to ask everyone to recreate some memory of your childhood on this Raksha Bandhan and make your sister feel special.–