NSS Voluneers of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, conducted two campaigns from their homes to celebrate the International Plastic Bag Free Day which falls on July 3rd every year. First campaign is on ‘Say no to Plastic bag by adopting Cloth bag’ where the student made cloth bags and pledged to refuse the plastic carry bags while shopping. Also, they inspired the neighbours and street vendors to avoid opting plastic carry bags due to their hazardous impact on society. Another campaign is on ‘Reuse before recycle’ where the students utilized the unavoidable plastic waste of their house for useful purpose like flower pots, pen stands, mobile holder, lace holder using the waste packaging material and cold drink bottles. Also student made videos on tricks to reduce plastic waste, that will be uploaded on the social media handles of the NSS Unit. More than 50 students participated in the event and inspired other to contribute to waste reduction.