Husn Purewal as beautiful as his name always bring something unique to the table. After giving back to back hit songs like Pyar Ho Gya, Berozgaar and Chitta Suit, he is back with another beat number ‘Shatranj’. The song YouTube channel. has already been released on stereo nation world’s Jaggi Tohra has written the lyrics of the song, G Guri is the music director and the video of the song has been directed by Amar Hundal. This beat number has Stereo nation. The ent released under the official music label of ire project has been produced by Ranbir Grewal from Stereo Nation who has also produced Punjabi movie Laatu and Raja Dhaba. On the occasion of the release of the song, Husn Purewal said, “I am a firm believer in hard work and being true to your audiences. I want to bring them what they love to hear and this song surely falls in that category. I will keep entertaining my fans which keep pushing me to do better and better.” Director of the song , Amar Hundal from Hundal Creations said, “To direct such a peppy number, you need to give your brain some work. This track has wonderful lyrics and Husn Purewal’s voice will suit the video of the song as well. It’s like perfect matrimony.” Producer of the project from stereo nation said, “At Stereo Nation, we wish to pr omote new forms of music and artists and that’s why we go all out with our music. There’s no better way to be futuristic than collaborating with the artists of the future.” ‘Shatranj’ has already been released on the official YouTube label of Stereo Nation On 30 th July 2020 .