The rising TV star, Akshita Mudgal, has amazed the viewers with her phenomenal performance as Gayatri Thakkar in Sony SAB’s slice of life show, Bhakharwadi. The show represents the sweet and salty twists the between the Maharashtrian – Gokhale family and the Gujarati – Thakkar family, all beginning and ending with the humble bhakharwadi. This light-hearted comedy show of Sony SAB, continues to receive exceptional response by the audience for its relatable and hilarious content.

The show is gearing towards the much-awaited alliance between the love birds Gayatri Thakkar (Akshita Mudgal) and Abhishek Gokhale (Akshay Kelkar). This is a marriage not only between the two young people but also the most anticipated alliance between the Gokhales and Thakkars. Love is in the air and the show Bhakharwadi is beaming with happiness.

Talking about the wedding, Akshita Mudgal revealed, how different or similar would her real life wedding be in comparison to her on screen wedding. While her wedding in the show is a fairly big affair, Akshita plans to go all out in her real life. She said, “In my real life, I’d want a grand destination wedding with all rituals and functions. It has to be a Big Fat Indian Wedding with all my loved ones”. Speaking about her wedding in on screen, she was thrilled to share, “Although it’s a love marriage, the entire beauty of this marriage is the blend of two different cultures. The families have created their own theme for the wedding where the Thakkars are donning Maharastrian outfits whereas the Gokhales are dressed in Gujarati attire. It is a beautiful gesture and I would like to have a similar theme in my wedding as well in the future.”

For the D-day, brides are really particular about their outfits. When Akshita was asked how what her dream lehenga would be like, she said “I don’t think Indian brides feel complete without wearing the colour red and the same goes for me. I imagine myself in a red lehenga with red and white bangles – chudda (traditional bangles worn by Indian brides). While shooting for the wedding sequence, I got the opportunity to learn a lot about Gujarati culture and the details that are put into the bridal outfit. When I was told that I would be Gujarati bride with a Maharashtrian touch, I was thrilled to try something new. Gayatri Thakkar, revived the authentic Gujarati bride by wearing the traditional Gujarati Panetar.”

While Gayatri Thakkar is experiencing her dream wedding in the upcoming episodes of Bhakharwadi, Akshita is taking notes and giving them her own touch for the Big Fat Indian wedding in future.

Watch Gayatri dressed as a traditional Gujarati bride on Bhakharwadi every Monday – Friday at 8 pm only on Sony SAB