To enhance various skills of child care institute’s boys and girls various vocational training programmes are being conducted in both the homes i.e. Snehalaya for boys and girls separately. 23 day long paper mache workshop has been concluded in Snehalaya and beautiful artefacts have been made by the boys like toys, baskets in different shapes, lamp shades and different characters etc. the workshop was conducted by renowned artist Mr. Kanwarpal Singh and Mrs. Gurmeet Goldy. The Macram Workshop by Mrs. Guneet Kaur is being conducted by group of girls are making beautiful bags, pot holders and towel holders on a unique pattern. Same time block printing worksahop is being conducted by Mr. Manoj Kumar, renowned artist and lecturer at Government Model Senior Secondary school, sector 8. It is worth appreciating that even the commission member Ms. Pooja Punchhi is taking bakery workshop herself and girls are being trained to bake variety of items. A week long self defense training has also started for the junior girls of Aashiana- Snehalaya for girls. The programme is being coordinated by Ms. Niti Mohan under the eternal embrace programme (Gal Wakdi) which is a special feature of the commission. The whole thrust of these short term skill training programmes is to make the home boys and girls self sufficient and to become successful entrepreneur as they become adults.
Speaking about the initiatives, Ms. Harjinder Kaur, Chairperson, CCPCR said that the month of January will be dedicated towards the creative initiatives in the CCI’s and recognitions of achiever girls in various fields. Field activities are being identified by Dr. Monika Singh, Member, CCPCR.

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