In the ongoing tournament for the students of InterCollege, organised by the Nisha Foundation at Ambedkar Stadium, Delhi, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the players and the football fans also. It is astonishing to see the young players playing, because all the players are competing to win the trophy and their aim is to make the team win.On the occasion, Nisha Kothari, Chairperson, Nisha Foundationsaid, “Our aim is to connect the children to sports, as well as the environment, so that children can survive the problems of polluted water and air in the coming times.Speaking on the occasion, Bhaskar Prakash, President of the Institute, said that all the 16 participants from Delhi University are from different colleges. Our aim is to bring the emerging players forward and help those, who are fed up with the financial system, so that they do not interfere in the progress of the children. He exhausted the children to prepare well and shine the name of India in whole world.Eventually, on July 21, 2019, there will be the Grand Finale. The winners will be rewarded with a trophy and the runner-up team will also be honoured with trophies and cash prizes will be given to the players with exceptional performa