Chandigarh 13th May 2019. The first Rising Star of India ‘Bannet Dosanjh’ neverleaves any chance to prove his versatility. From starting his career with a sad song‘Sahara’ to a beat number ‘Serious’ then singing a redemption of an old song‘Jeena Jeena redux’ he always made sure that he is here to rule the music industry.After giving back to back hits and trying different genres, now Bannet Dosanjhreleased his first devotional song ‘Waheguru’.Complementing his soulful voice, the lyrics of the song are penned down bySanjeev Chaturvedi. Sanjeev and Ajay have composed the music of the song underthe label of Eros Music. Kashi Kashyap is music producer for the song. Apart fromBannet Dosanjh, additional singers include Manali Chaturvedi and Ishrat. Theconcept is created and directed by Krishika Lulla.At the release of his song, Singer Bannet Dosanjh said, “First of all I am verythankful to the audience for loving my every work. I am a firm believer of God thatwhatever I am today and can achieve till now is due to the blessings of thatSupreme Power. So, ‘Waheguru’ song is purely dedicated to Him and I am highlyobliged that my team believed me and I could sing this song. I just hope thataudiences will also love this song.”The director and creative head of Eros, Krishika Lulla said, “Bannet Dosanjh hasproved his worth and versatility. So when we came up with the idea of this song,nobody crossed our mind except him. The music and lyrics are very soulful andcalm. We hope that this song will reaches more and more audiences.”The video of the song has already been released on the official YouTube channel ofEros Music on 13th May 2019.