It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.

Chandigarh 20th November 2020. In this world, where everyone wants to be an actor or actress or a social media star, some people want to bring a smile to others. Born to a social service family, where her father, Mr. Sunil Beniwal, is superintendent of special branch CID in Haryana police, Sonia Doliya was the one who always aspired to be a helping hand to which people can rely upon.

Starting her career as a teacher, Sonia has never left any stone unturned to serve the people. Even while teaching she was doing her best to help the needy. Even after changing her career to Police, her inner will to help people never altered. While being a constable posted in the cyber cell of Panchkula, she always makes sure to donate 10% of her salary on social deeds like buying books, clothes et al.

While the whole nation was suffering from lockdown and everyone was trying to muster up their lives, Sonia was putting her best foot forward to continue the education of kids of the shelter home.

Even on Diwali, instead of using her advance salary conventionally, she chose to spend this on clothes for people to save them from northern winters.

And it is rightly said that the universe gives back to you what you send. It is quite right in Sonia’s case where even after marriage her Husband Om Doliya, a renowned name in Tv production equally helped and supported her in her social activities.

While talking about her efforts, Sonia said, “I believe to help someone, you just need your heart in the right place, everything else falls in place with time. I urge people to try to help as many people as they can so that we can just make this earth a better place to live, survive and be happy. Talking about my inspiration, our SSP Pankaj Nain is basically motivated to do these deeds.”

Currently, she is preparing for her higher post-examinations; we just wish her all the best for her upcoming ventures and may she will keep spreading happiness to those who need it the most.