: It was a fight for survival and she has not only overcome it bravely but turned her parents’ life into full of happiness.Born after 27-week of pregnancy and weighing mere 550-gram at birth time, the baby girl fought all odds and returned back to a normal healthy life with relentless efforts of doctors at Max Hospital, Mohali who left no stone unturned to ensure miraculous recovery of her to normal life.After five years of marriage, Baljeet Kaur and Baljeet Singh from Ugala village in Ambala district were extremely happy to become parents. However happiness of becoming parents was ruined after the mother was diagnosed with hypertension leading to various complications for herself and the baby.“I never thought I would ever enjoy this beautiful moment. My joy at holding my own little baby boy in my arms is indescribable,” said the mother, Baljeet Kaur while talking to media during a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club here on Thursday.Giving details, Dr Manu Sharma, Consultant Paediatrics and Neonatology at Max said,” Struggle was long and never ending and chances of baby’s survival was minimal. The baby had to be ventilated and kept in incubator in NICU for 3-months. The child was suffering from various complications including immaturity of lungs (HMD), hole in heart (PDA), infection (neonatal sepsis), shock and nutrition. The child required surfactant treatment for maturation of lungs, treatment for severe infection, abnormally low blood pressure and hole in heart. She was given optional nutrition optimally.”Dr. Manu further said that we saw a ray of hope when the baby gradually started to improve with tolerance of feed and kangaroo mother care, maintained.Sandeep Dogra sr vice president & zonal head, Max Hospitals, Punjab said that at the time of discharge, the baby was weighed around 1,350-gram and on full feed. The baby was neurologically normal, accepting spoon feeds well, and her hearing and vision was normal.Meanwhile only 10% of babies born less than 600-gram survive in the bestest care. Usually a 500-gram baby was regarded as abortic by most of the obstetricians till recently. For India recently less than 28-week baby is also a rarity to manage.