ACADEMICS, SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: An International Level Bonanza at SGGSC 26, Chandigarh on 05.03.2020

1. ICSSR Sponsored 02 International Conference on Environment and HealthThe PG Department of Economics, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, (co-ed) Sector 26,Chandigarh organised an ICSSR sponsored 2 Day International Conference on “Roadmapto Sustainability: Environment and Health” on March 5-6, 2020. Prof VK Malhotra,Member Secretary ICSSR, New Delhi was the chief guest. He urged economists to revampthe measure of development by including the physical, intellectual and spiritual co-efficientof life. Prof Karamjit Singh, Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh was the Guest ofHonour. He quoted from Guru Granth Sahib highlighting that ancient Indian scriptures are asource of wisdom and a guide to an ecologically balanced life.Prof Saamdu Chetri (Bhutan) delivered the keynote address. He dwelled on the GrossNational Happiness as practised in Bhutan vs the Gross Domestic Product used as a measureof growth and success by economists around the world. Prof Ram Prasad Gyanwali (Nepal)touched upon the disproportionate development leading to the greenhouse effect. Hesuggested remedial measures like afforestation, green cultivation and concentration onMSMEs. Prof DK Madaan, Punjabi University, used the model of the UN’s SustainableDevelopment Goal as a roadmap to measure sustainable development. He made certainobservations that amongst states in India, Kerala, HP and Punjab were first, second andtwelfth on the given index of SDG; amongst UT Chandigarh was the first and internationallyIndia ranked 115 suggesting that there is urgent requirement of change. He concluded byrequesting the organisers to send the proceedings of the conference to the government whichcould be included in their policies.The conference received an overwhelming response with 300 paper presentations fromNepal, Bhutan, Oman, Thailand and 15 states across India out of which 87 papers were onEnvironment Sustainability, 26 on Actions plans on Environment, 07 on Plastic FreeCommunities, 14 on Energy, 62 on Health, 54 on Agriculture Sustainability, 19 onTechnology and Environment and 20 Poster Presentations.2. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Memorial Basketball Tournament from March 5-7, 2020Department of Physical Education and Sports organised Sahibzada Ajit Singh MemorialBasketball Tournament from March 5-7, 2020. 8 boys’ college teams consisting of SGGSC26, GGDSD 32, SKRCPE Kharar, MM Modi Patiala, LKC Jalandhar, Govt CollegePanchkula, Panjab University and SGGSC 26 Alumni team and 6 girls’ college teamsconsisting of GGSCW 26, PGGCG 11, Chandigarh University, SA Jain Ambala, BarjindraGovt College Bathinda and RKSD Kaithal participated in the event. The winning team willbe awarded Rs 21,000 and the runner up team will be awarded Rs 15,000.Sahdev Salaria, BJP Spokesman Chandigarh was the Chief Guest of the event. Otherimportant guests comprised of Mr Sarabjeet Singh, assistant commissioner, MC, Mohali(International Basketball Player); Mr Amarjeet Singh, Senior Coach, Basketball teamChandigarh; Mr Manjeet Singh, Coach, Indian Men Basketball and of SGGSC girl team; MrJagraj Singh Coach, Indian Women team and SGGSC boys team; Mr Sandeep Saluja,International Table Refreee and Mr Anil Mehta,VPC Badminton association, Chandigarh.3. College Students’ Council organised a Cultural Fest March 5-7, 2020To add colour and vibrancy to the intercollege tournament, the College Students’ Councilorganised a Cultural Fest. The starcast of upcoming Punjabi movie Jora: The SecondChapter visited the College for a fun filled interaction with the students and promote theirmovie. Various game and food stalls and photo booths were the highlight of the fest.